US studio Terminal Reality puts proprietary tech on the market for licensing

New engine spun out from upcoming Ghostbusters game

The studio behind Atari’s upcoming Ghostbusters game, Terminal Reality, has this week announced plans to start third party licensing of its proprietary engine.

The Infernal Engine, which powers the hotly-tipped title based on the ’80s movies, ‘offers excellent cross platform support and is compatible with all of the leading gaming systems as well as the PC’ the studio says.

Terminal Reality is currently demoing the tech behind closed doors to attendees of DICE in Las Vegas. The demo showcases the engine and features a character from the studio’s 1999 property Nocturne.

Features include ‘an advanced physics solution, powerful particle system, and rendering features that provide ultra-realistic environments and characters. On top of a great feature set, the Infernal Engine comes with best-in-class support and a streamlined content pipeline to maximize productivity’.

“Terminal Reality’s Infernal Engine is a breakthrough in efficiency for game development middleware. Our licensees can leverage their work across more platforms, in less time, than any other engine – giving them a competitive edge critical for success,” said Joe Kreiner, VP of sales and marketing with Terminal Reality.

“Our licensees get stunning visuals, fast time to market, and the support of Terminal Reality – one of most experienced independent game developers in the industry.”

Threewave Software is one team already using the Infernal Engine.

"Infernal’s integrated toolset and speedy build process help us prototype levels and gameplay quickly. Our artists have a lot of control over the look of the game compared to other popular engines. Additionally, the pipeline allows painless model importing and their material system is easy to use. The built-in scripting system and object tools allow designers and artists to be more flexible with limited resources, while the cross-platform nature of Infernal reduced our overall multi-SKU development risk," said Dan Irish Threewave CEO.

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