David Brabenâ??s studio joining ELSPA to address issues of piracy, game ratings and the pre-owned business

New Frontier for ELSPA

Cambridge-based indie talent Frontier has joined ELSPA, the UK’s trade body for the games industry.

Frontier, founded by industry luminary David Braben and responsible for games such as the recent WiiWare hit LostWinds, will now join a consortium of UK businesses working with ELSPA.

“From our point of view ELSPA addresses what we as game creators feel are the key strategic issues now facing us, including piracy, ratings and the pre-owned situation,” said Braben.

“We think it is vital that these issues are addressed swiftly and efficiently by the industry as a whole, and ELSPA is the representative body through which we will try to achieve this.”

ELSPA’s list of partners ranges across a broad spectrum of publishers and developers, from Atari UK to Sheffield-based Zushi Games.

“We are of course delighted that Frontier has joined our ranks and will be adding its impetus to that of our existing membership,” said Michael Rawlinson, Director General of ELSPA.

“Frontier not only develops games but also publishes some of these titles so it makes sense that it becomes an integral part of an organisation with the broad perspective of having almost two decades of representing publishers.”

A statement sent out from Frontier added that the group is still working on its intriguing multiplatform title, The Outsider, a political-thriller that was first announced back in July 2006.

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