Applied Ideas course covers art-to-engine pipeline

New game design curriculum developed

Curriculum developer Applied IDEAS has created a new course for facilities wishing to offer game design courses.

The Ignition Game Design Academy Curriculum has been engineered to teach game engine principles and the process of creating game levels. It also covers the game art pipeline between 3ds Max or Maya and a game engine.

The course uses the Ignition engine, which aims to enable art students to build 3D games without having to meddle with ‘complicated game level editors, obscure exporting rules and difficult programming languages’.

“The 30 students in our Game Development program are really enjoying the Game Academy Curriculum," said Dr. Jose A. Rueda, a lecturer at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

"After reviewing the materials it became the obvious solution for us. It was not long before the students and faculty were exporting game art assets and writing scripts. It makes life very easy for the instructor.”

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