Cloud-based game development platform focuses on remote collaboration within the engine itself

New game engine aims to be ‘Google Docs for devs’

A new game engine has been unveiled that positions itself as development’s answer to Google Docs.

The Game Development Suite from US technology firm MaxPlay is built for games makers who collaborate remotely from around the world, according to GamaSutra.

Unlike other game engines, the cloud-based platform allows devs to work on the same project in real-time within the game engine, regardless of how far apart the collaborators are. CEO Sinjin Bain describes it as “Google Docs for developers”.

He told the site: “The GDS is designed so that all skillsets required to build games can work together simultaneously, in the same game scene or project.

“An engineer or designer makes a script change in New York and I can instantly see the change in the editor, or in the previewer, or even on the intended game platform instantly in Los Angeles. There’s no more waiting for daily builds before you see each other’s work.”

The GDS is expected to enter Early Access soon, with a full release to follow at a later date. It will support iOS, Android and PC games development.

It works as a native runtime engine and a local-client editor that runs on your machine. You can work individually, or use MaxPlay’s servers to collaborate with others.

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