Ex-Ubisoft employees using real-world photographs to create 3D levels in-game

New game studio plots to map the world with drones

A new studio formed by ex-Ubisoft execs aims to use civilian drones to map the entire world and use the photographs to create in-game environments.

Called Pixyul, the Montreal developer said it is using mini-drones developed by SenseFly to capture images of the entire planet, one kilometre at a time.

The drones are equipped with HD cameras, with the information then processed with existing tools to reconstruct real environments, effectively designing game levels.

The first title to take advantage of the ambitious project and technology is ReRoll, a survival action RPG that will gradually be developed over-time as more of the world is mapped out.

The game’s world will reflect the real world, meaning if it is raining or snowing where the player is, their character will experience similar effects in the game.

Pixyul is looking to crowdfund the project through its own website via a selection of game perk packages.

The studio was set up by former Ubisoft creative director Julien Cuny and ex-Ubisoft producer Louis-Pierre Pharand.

Visit the official website for more information.

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