GDC08: Burgeoning firm Thriller to offer "espionage-themed serial storylines"

New games outfit plans to make games devised by best-selling authors

A new name in games publishing was formally unveiled today, with Austin, Texas-based Thriller announcing its intentions to produce games based on new properties thought up by New York Times bestselling authors.

Founders J.W. “Bill” Stealey, Fred Schmidt and Jim Bull boast tenures at MicroProse, Origin, Electronic Arts, NCsoft, Activision and Mattel.

The management team has has licensed and contracted multiple New York Times best-selling authors – whose identities are currently secret but who are described as "widely recognised and well regarded in their genres" – to create and develop "popular new characters and storylines with the potential for game sequels and sustainable series". Thriller says it owns the entirety of most of the properties and their associated licensing rights. The games are all "military and espionage-themed".

Now the company is looking for investment capital and development partners to help realise its vision, with plans to court studios from around the world for potential partners.

"There is always opportunity for another compelling brand of quality games to emerge in this constantly growing industry,” commented Thriller chairman, Bill Stealey.

“Just as new development teams spin out of established studios or are formed among talented individuals, so, too, there is periodic need for new publishing partners to arise as well. Small, focused, experienced publishers with excellent branding track records and a solid rollodex of distribution contacts can prove invaluable to new and independent studios who are looking to make their mark in the industry too.”

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