Mojang Specifications hires staff and finalises DDoS protection services

New Minecraft studio expands

Mojang Specifications, the new company established by Minecraft creator Markus Persson to develop his hugely popular title, has significantly expanded its operations over the past few days.

Two staff members, a programmer and a designer/developer, have joined the company, the latter to begin work on a brand new title from Mojang.

A DDoS protection service has also been signed for use on Minecraft following a recent sustained attack on the game, which Persson has said will come into effect soon.

"We had a meeting today where we signed the final papers for the new company! All the details are worked out, everyone is on board, and things are looking good,” Persson wrote on his blog.

"We’re working on setting up a straight credit card purchasing option for people who rather not use Paypal, and I think we’re pretty close to having that deal finalized with our bank. I should be able to start implementing that soon after the Halloween update.

“We’ll hopefully get the office signed next week, but until we can move in there (early next year), we’ve got a temporary place we can stay.”

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