Gamebryo and Lightspeed bolstered by Kalydo and Jenkins integrations

New online capabilities for Emergent

Emergent Game Technologies has confirmed a new set of online capabilities for its Gamebryo engines, including web browser and networking solutions.

Firstly, Gamebryo LightSpeed is now integrated with Jenkins Software’s RakNet 4, meaning it offers what promises to be an enhanced approach to managing LightSpeed’s network back end.

Networking engine RakNet 4 enables LightSpeed users to access object replication, remote procedure calls, patching, secure connections, voice chat, and real-time SQL logging.

Furthermore, integrations with Kalydo’s browser game platform provide Gamebryo and LightSpeed users with the ability to deploy their game as a 3D web browser game.

Kalydo Social offers those working with Emergent’s engines an easy way to convert downloadable online games into a browser ready format, removing the barrier of downloading and installing PC games that often acts as consumer deterrent. Kalydo Compact’s toolset will also be made available, making downloadable game files up to 50 per cent smaller, potentially saving on bandwidth costs and conversion rates.

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