Former European studios boss Gary Dunn appointed senior vice president for game development

New Sega dev boss amid restructure

Sweeping changes at Sega West has precipitated a wide-scale restructure of management, with various Euro and US execs swapping roles and adjusting policy.

Among the changes is a promotion for European studios boss Gary Dunn, who from today will step into the role of senior vice president for game development.

The comprehensive management restructure, fully outlined in an MCV report, will bring with it a diversification of policy for both the European and US arms of Sega.

MCV reports that Sega Europe will focus on boxed product for all Western territories, while Sega America will focus on developing a digital strategy.

And Sega’s European MD, Alan Pritchard, will move to the US next month to become vice president of sales and marketing for Sega America. His replacement as the boss for Sega Europe is Jurgen Post.

As outlined previously, over 70 job losses have occurred from the restructure.

Sega now seeks a senior vice president for digital to work in San Francisco.

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