RealTime VFX allows professionals to share experience and knowledge

New VFX community platform aims to bring experts together

A group of visual effects experts have banded together to launch a new platform for their peers.

Named RealTime VFX, the online community aims to bolster the “previously underserviced” group, creating a destination where artists can share knowledge, learn more about best practices and potentially secure more work.

The site is free to all VFX professionals and goes beyond just video games, also covering virtual reality, augmented reality, theme park attractions and more. There are also plans for online and offline events.

RealTime VFX was set up by a number of experienced games professionals, including: Keith Guerrette, who worked on Uncharted and The Last of Us; Jason Keyser, who worked on League of Legends; Seth Hall, who worked on Star Wars and Battlefield Hardline; and Drew Skillman, who worked on Tiltbrush Creator and Google VR.

“As VFX continues to be in high-demand across video games and VR/AR studios, each with their own bespoke technologies and challenges, there’s been a growing need to solidify our insights and efforts,” said Guerrette. 

“Our hope is that the platform will help unify our community long-term and facilitate a more positive and collaborative approach to support VFX artists and technology at both an indie and big studio level.”

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