Developer denies it has the hardware, but keeps quiet about 'next Xbox game project'

New Xbox: Crytek rejects certain ‘insider’ info

Crytek, the international development giant, has denied recent ‘insider’ claims that it has next generation hardware in-house.

However, in a prepared statement, the widely-acclaimed developer did not respond to all speculation regarding its next-gen plans.

Microsoft will unveil its next generation console at E3 2012, according to alleged insider source who spoke to VideoGamer.

The anonymous person added that Crytek UK, the British arm of the international fleet of studios, is building a new Timesplitters game for the next console.

Crytek had initially declined to comment, but a week later the group issued a statement to IGN, which read:

The company said it “does not have any next generation hardware from Microsoft,” yet did not clarify whether it was working on a next-gen Xbox game.

Crytek added that it does not have official information on when Microsoft will announce its next-generation Xbox, “nor what that hardware will entail”.

Last week a "high-ranking industry source at Crytek" claimed that TimeSplitters 4 had been demonstrated behind closed doors at E3, and the project is set for the next generation Xbox.

Last month a Develop source claimed that one unnamed EA studio had a next-generation Xbox kit in-house.

Like with Crytek, EA initially declined to comment but then denied the claims.

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