LONDON GAMES CONFERENCE 2011: Influential games portal has 35 million users worldwide

New Xbox Live user every two seconds

All entertainment will be interactive within the next five years, claims the head of marketing at Xbox Live Robin Burrowes.

Speaking at the London Games Conference, Burrowes said that the popularity of Xbox Live had grown considerably over the last ten years, with the service now gaining a new member every two seconds.

In 2002, the Xbox Live service had 50,000 users, which shot up to 35 million users by the end of 2010.

Burrowes said that the launch of Sky Player on the service in 2009, as well as Facebook and Twitter and blockbusters such as Modern Warfare 2, meant that the user-base doubled to 20 million from the previous year.

The launch of the Kinect in 2010 meanwhile meant that Xbox live customers grew by another 15 million.

“We know already that users are resonating with the fact that the games console goes beyond its usual remit,” he said.

He also gave statistics that stated more than 75 per cent of European console owners watch dvds or blu-ray on their consoles, whilst 72 per cent download content.

He also claimed that 42 per cent of people use social networks, chat and e-mail to talk with contacts whilst watching a TV programme or video.

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