Develop launches its series of job hunting tips from the industry's top HR and recruiters. Today: Epic on building your CV

NEW YEAR, NEW JOB: Epic’s advice on the perfect CV

Every day in January we’re helping job-hunters with advice and tips from the industry’s finest HR and recruitment execs on a range of topics.

Today we bring you a guide to crafting the perfect CV, with essential guidance from Epic Games’ recruiter and employment expert Tim Johnson.

Epic’s tips for CV excellence

1. Use spell check.

2. Make sure that your CV is put into a universally accepted format (MS Word, PDF). Please don’t use a text editor to write your CV.

3. Clearly and concisely list your responsibilities; four or five bullet points are a lot easier to read than a paragraph of text.

4. Include links to work you have created or authored.

5. Make sure you include a link to samples or a portfolio on your resume.

6. Include both your phone number and e-mail address. Sometimes, a hiring manager or recruiter will actually want to call you.

7. Leave the fancy fonts and tables for your portfolio. A lot of companies store resumes in an applicant tracking system, so the more straightforward your resume is, the better. In short, make it easy to read.

8. Include the companies you have worked for along with the title you have held at each company.

9. Make an effort to use industry standard key words to explain your job duties and responsibilities.

10. Use spell check. Yes, I said it twice, but a resume with misspelled words is a really bad way to make a good first impression.

Our daily ‘New Year, New Jobs’ series of articles are extracted from the forthcoming February issue of Develop magazine, which boasts an essential compendium of advice, tips and tricks on getting a new job and improving your employment prospects. The same issue will bring you all the results from our sweeping games industry Salary Survey. Check back with Develop Online every day this month for more.

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