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NEW YEAR, NEW JOB: Surviving the interview

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Today we bring you essential advice on tackling the all-important interview, with tips from a range of industry experts.

The seven toughest interview questions and how to answer them

Have you ever had a conflict with a manager or colleague? How was it resolved?
"Please note that if you say no, most interviewers will keep drilling deeper and deeper to find a conflict. The key is showing how you behaviourally reacted to conflict and what you did to resolve it.”
Stig Strand, Games Manager, Amiqus

If I was to ask people you’ve worked with, who don’t like you, about your worst trait or limitation, what would they say to me?
If you ever get asked this, the trick is not to rise to the bait. More than anything it’s one of a range of questions that can help an interviewer see if you can deal with intentionally challenging questions in a calm way.“

Julian Widdows, VP of Development, Codemasters

What is your expected salary?
"Be sure to inform yourself before the application interview about the usual and average salary in your field and position. This shows that you are able to make an adequate assessment, and avoids embarrassing situations.”

Anna Sparke, HR Recruiting Manager, InnoGames

Tell me about a mistake you’ve made and how you handled it.
"This can be an intimidating question, but the reality is everyone makes mistakes.
Admit that you are one of those people – it’s ok. Be honest and think back to your last performance review.”
Fernando Blanco, Director of Marketing, Spacetime Studios

Who are you?
"Do you know who you are? Here you can set yourself apart, depending on the quality of your response. Find your own way to answer. Think about it beforehand, balance the different aspects that make you – don’t only talk about your career.”

Anne Seebach, University Relations, Wooga

• “Sometimes the toughest interview questions are completely unrelated to your skills or experience. These are the things you will be expected to know and understand without even thinking about it so questions on alternative subjects or scenarios are often a great way to see how you react outside your comfort zone.”
Richard Chipchase, recruiter, Mind Candy

Why are you leaving your present job?
If it’s an issue for you, be honest but avoid dramas. Do not mention personality conflicts. Show objectively that you overcome the problem and that you’ve learned from the situation.”

Sophie Dosière, Executive Assistant, Asobo

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