Valve boss claims graphics development has reached a plateau, focus should move to online experiences

Newell: Graphics are solved, future is online

Valve MD Gabe Newell believes the problem of improving graphics in video games has been solved, and “the future is much more about figuring out how to use the internet to create better entertainment experiences”.

In a wide-ranging interview with internet broadcaster 5by5, Newell said that “for the last couple of years a lot of the architectural approaches to delivering games have involved putting plastic or sheet metal around graphics hardware."

“It’s all been about graphics performance. I think we are now entering a period where that has become a solved problem. The way we see it is that now it’ll become more about who enables a better customer experience," he said.

Newell made the comments when describing the process that led up to Valve’s decision to ship its titles on Mac via digital distribution process Steam.

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