Autodeskâ??s plans for Kynogon tech revealed

Next-gen platforms to straddle â??uncanny valleyâ??

After going quiet on what Autodesk had planned for it’s purchase of intelligence company Kynogon, Autodesk has revealed some ambitious plans to Develop.

“What we’re focusing on is a complete solution for believable characters and that will run from art packages to runtimes,” enthused Michel Kripalani, Autodesk’s senior games industry manager.

“With the next generation of gaming platforms, the focus is going to be on runtime simulations. Of course, art tools are also becoming more tied into physics and AI, and while we already had the HumanIK technology, we wanted a complete team that could develop, market, sell and support middleware. It’s different to our primary business so that’s why we purchased Kynogon.”

Hoping to cross the ‘uncanny valley’ by the release of the next generation, Autodesk’s expansion into the middleware market will be spearheaded by Kynogon, which has secured resources to increase the size of its operation, and advance various new solutions.

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