But Luminos tech 'is not available for external studios'

Next-gen Square Enix engine ‘Direct X 11 native’

Square Enix has lifted the lid on its next generation game engine, called Luminous, that will be available to publisher’s entire fleet of studios.

However, the tech – built specifically for PS3, Xbox 360, PC and next-generation consoles – will not be available to external outfits.

But, like with tech such as Unreal Engine, Luminos can work on systems that support programmable shaders – meaning that Wii U and PS Vita are also candidates.

According to an Impress Watch report (translation), Square Enix is considering its options for the remaining systems that don’t support programmable shaders; Nintendo Wii and 3DS.

Square Enix owns several development studios dotted across the globe, from London-based Beautiful Game Studios to Eidos Montreal, Crystal Dynamics, Denmark’s Io Interactive and Eidos Shanghai.

As documented by Develop last year, Square Enix studios share technologies and resources between themselves. According to Impress Watch, Io Interactive will still favour its Glacier 2 Engine and Crystal Dynamics will still work with its CDC Engine.

Luminous is being engineered as a Direct X 11 native engine, Impress Watch said. That itself suggests Square Enix is looking beyond the current generation of consoles for the tech.

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