Press conference and presentations to showcase tech advancements

Next step for Unreal Engine 3 revealed at GDC

Epic Games is heading to GDC to demonstrate “next-generation content running on Unreal Engine 3”, the company has said.

The US firm will unveil enhancements to Unreal Engine 3 at a private press conference, which developers can book to attend.

Epic said it would be at GDC to demonstrate new Unreal Engine techniques and technologies that lead to superior in-game atmosphere, effects and human characters.

Central to this new showcase is a completely new, high-end demo, which company president Mike Capps has effectively promised will impress observers.

“This technology demonstration is nothing short of breathtaking,” Capps said.

“It reminds me of when we first showed Unreal Engine 3 to the world and people were amazed. It’s like seeing the Unreal Engine all over again for the very first time.”

The company will also offer presentations for licensees, partners and prospective customers on the half hour each day of the expo.

Epic added that will host a free advanced training session for Unreal Engine 3 licensees; with guidance offered on content creation best practices to rapid prototyping with Unreal Kismet.

Those interested should email Mark Rein.

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