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What does it take to find the right job for you? There are numerous things to think about when looking towards your future job.

When thinking about where you want to be next, it is important to know what you want from your next move, but you have to be realistic. We’ve devised a few points to consider, which will hopefully help you in making that ever-so important decision!

Do your research

If you want to make the most from your job you have to first identify what you want to take from it, and this requires knowing both what is best for you and who is going to be best for you.

Knowing your ideal working environment is vital, some companies have a more relaxed working environment than others, and although this may sound great, it’s really about what surroundings you thrive in. Location and lifestyle are extremely important; you have to evaluate your own lifestyle and take this into consideration.

If you wish to work in a busy city but prefer a more relaxed lifestyle at home then you have to ensure the location of your workplace suits this. Lastly, you must assess the type of work you want to be producing, so if you have a keen interest in a specific genre of games then a studio based around this will be ideal and you’ll find yourself enjoying your work a lot more.

Be realistic about your opportunities

This is imperative to finding the right place of work. You must know what kind of job you want now and where you want to be in the long term. However you must know what you’re capable of and try not to punch above your weight, as ultimately this will leave you wanting what you can’t have – at least for now.

Salary, skills and experience are what define a position; you cannot request too much from an employer as they will not bend over backwards for you and this could result in spoiling your chance of working with them.

Make your application personal

Once you know where you want to work, it is essential to show why you’re well suited to that workplace. Each studio has its own differences, so most of them will not consider a generic application and will expect the applicant to have an interest specifically in them.

Cover letters are an absolute necessity if you wish to show this interest and portray to the employer that you are keen, so where possible produce a personal document for each application.

Provide your best demo work

This may not be compulsory for some applicants, however if you are applying for an art, design or animation role it is key you include your demo work.

Not only is it essential you include this but you must also make certain it is tailored to the specific company genre / the role you are applying for, much like cover letters. The demo needs to be up to date when making an application and always ensure any links included work.

Maintain a professional social/online presence

When applying for a job it is inevitable that potential employers will look up almost all of your publicised profiles. How they perceive you can shape your application, so it is crucial you uphold a professional persona in all points of contact.

This does not just include your social or online profiles but also within the most important part of your application, the CV. Your CV needs to be concise and well-written; there is no room for half-hearted efforts.

Keep track of your applications and use the best agencies

Maintaining a professional look is important, and nothing says unprofessional more than duplicated applications. This is why you should track your applications, not just to prevent them, but also to avoid submissions with companies you are not interested in.

You may find it necessary to apply through an agency; if this is the case make sure you are with the right agency providing the best interests in you. The best agencies are not the ones that are most likely to find you any old job as quickly as possible, but the ones that will build a relationship with you, will know what you want and the ones that will give you their honest opinion.

In summary, the amount of effort you put in will directly influence your results. If you follow these points you will significantly improve your chances in finding your right role.

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