Firm hoping to grow base as outsourcer and developer

Nikitova ramps up for Wii, DS and PS2 development

Outsourcing specialist Nikitova games is hoping to use the funds raised from its sale of Russian studio Kenjitsu (to Oberon Media, as reported here) to fuel new business growth.

The company has announced it plans to focus on two parts of its business going forward – Nikitova Outsourcing and its game development interests making games for Wii, DS and PS2.

"We already have 2 more Nintendo/Sony titles signed and in production for 2008 and a number of others lined up to follow suit," said Jon Hare, Nikitova Games’ director of development.

Nikitova wants to increase its art and programming production capacity by 40 per cent for next-gen, casual and mobile platforms.

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