'We have no intention at all to port existing game titles for dedicated game platforms to smart devices'

Nintendo aims to release debut mobile game this year

Nintendo plans to release its first game on mobile by the end of the year, president Satoru Iwata has revealed.

Yesterday Nintendo announced it would be working with Japanese mobile game company DeNa to bring its IP to smart devices. During the following Q&A, Iwata said the role of the console and mobile firms would change depending on the title being developed.

"Regarding the individual video game titles, when it will be launched, we will be making the announcement when each of those games are ready," said Iwata, as reported by Polygon.

"At least, however, we believe that there is no mean of collaboration [sic] if we can’t launch anything, at least once, or some sort of output within this year. Also, per game title, regarding the roles of each companies will differ depending on games."

Iwata added Nintendo had no plans to do straight ports of old games to smart devices, given the different control schemes required on mobile and tablet.

“We have no intention at all to port existing game titles for dedicated game platforms to smart devices because if we cannot provide our consumers with the best possible play experiences, it would just ruin the value of Nintendo’s IP,” he said.

“And, if I can talk a bit further about our game development plan, we will continue doing our best to develop dedicated game titles for our dedicated game hardware platforms just as we have been doing. For smart devices, even in the case where we utilise the same IP, we will create completely new game software that will perfectly match the play styles of smart devices.”

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