Adobe Flash Player thought to be unsupported on new handheld

Nintendo ‘bans Flash on 3DS browser’

Nintendo has decided against supporting Flash content on its 3DS, according to reports.

In a move that echoes Apple’s ban on the Adobe technology, the web browser on Nintendo’s latest handheld is thought will not display Flash content.

That would mean the huge array of free Flash games available on the net, hosted on sites such as Kongregate, will not be available to 3DS customers.

Suggestions of Nintendo’s Flash block comes from a Kotaku interpretation of Nintendo’s official Japanese website.

Nintendo chief executive Satoru Iwata recently warned that too much content is flooding onto mobile and handheld devices.

In his keynote speech at the 25th Game Developers Conference, Iwata warned the world that “game development is drowning”.

The theory is that the flood of cheap and free content is damaging the craft of game making. It is not known for certain if this was a reason for Nintendo’s ban on Flash.

In the past two years Apple and Adobe have been part of a very public feud over the iPhone’s block on Flash content. Apple claims Flash is too slow for its devices.

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