E3 2011: Details exposed on Wii successor at E3

Nintendo brings TV to controller with Wii U

Nintendo has exposed its ambitious new games console, called Wii U.

At the centre of the new console is a built-in 6.2” touch-screen.

The controller can play content from the console without the TV switched on, or indeed with both screens being inventively used at the same time.

Data is wirelessly transmitted between TV and controller “without latency issues”, Nintendo said.

The controller features two analogue sticks, four shoulder buttons, rumble support and other standard controller features.

It also comes with a stylus, where users can draw on the controller – with the image appearing on the TV screen.

Augmented Reality features come included too, with the controller used to ‘zoom’ images from a TV screen.

Video calls can also be made, helped with the controller’s built-in camera, and images can be shared between console and controller.

The device console comes with web browser compatibility.

Nintendo has confirmed that Wii controllers can be used with the device.

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