That's according to Junction Point Studios Warren Spector

NINTENDO: ‘Epic Mickey defines modern game design’

Disney’s upcoming Wii adventure game Epic Mickey was shown on stage at Nintendo’s E3 conference, when head of Junction Point Studios Warren Spector described the game’s design approach as a cornerstone of modern Game design.

‘Play Style Matters’ was used on stage repeatedly as an apparent mantra for the developers of Epic Mickey, refering to process by which a player’s interaction creates and affects the virtual world around them.

"I believe the ‘play style matters’ approach is a cornerstone of modern game design," claimed Spector on stage.

Nintendo America CCO and president Fils-Aime said: “We grew up with Mickey Mouse, and our kids and grandchildren will grow up with him.

“Now Mickey is returning for a new game exclusive to Wii, which sets a new tone and direction for this world renown character.”

The game is set for release this Christmas.

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