Changes to Articles of Incorporation highlight further licensing of IP rights, as well as expansion into health technology and restaurants

Nintendo hints at potential PC software releases with updated charter

Following its move into the world of mobile, Nintendo may be eyeing up the PC as its next territory to conquer.

The Japanese giant’s board of directors has issued a series of proposed revisions to its Articles of Incorporation, potentially revealing some of the areas that it is considering investing more heavily in as a business.

Among the areas planned to join the charter is the “development, manufacturing and sale of computer software”, potentially referring to future PC releases of games – although, it could also be technical software or another format.

Elsewhere, the Articles also spotlight the “development, manufacturing and sale of medical devices and health devices”. Nintendo previously dabbled in health technology with the short-lived ‘Quality of Life’ initiative.

Building upon its growing desire to license IP such as Pokémon and Mario to third-party partners, the company said that it would continue to expand its “licensing of intellectual property rights”. Again, it is unclear what form this could take – whether it’s spin-off games, merchandise or other commercial uses.

Related to this is the proposal of the “management of and investment in eating establishments (in addition to stores and other entertainment sites)”. This could complement Nintendo’s increasing relationship with industries outside of games, including its expansion into theme parks and movies.

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