Hello Games assures fans that work on promising sci-fi title will continue

No Man’s Sky not delayed by Guildford flood

The excitement surrounding the reveal of No Man’s Sky was soured slightly when developer Hello Games’ Guildford headquarters was flooded over Christmas.

The team has been hard at work salvaging the company’s work and equipment and has today posted a Q&A on its official site to clarify the situation.

Under the question "Will this delay No Man’s Sky?", studio boss Sean Murray confidently declares: "We won’t let this happen".

"At times recently I’ve wanted to be depressed, to wallow, but it’s impossible surrounded by this team. They are literally unstoppable," he writes.

"If we’ve lost some work, we’ll make up the time. We’ll steal dev-kits. We’ll work on a boat. Whatever it takes (not actual stealing… maybe)."

Murray added that despite his love for Kickstarter and the financial practicalities of setting up a crowdfund to get accelerate the project’s recovery, he is not planning to launch an appeal.

"So many people have suggested it," he said. "I just don’t think it’s the right thing for No Man’s Sky right now though, and we’d probably rather not eat than do the wrong thing for this game.

"If people buy our Joe Danger games, then that does support us. We’d rather you buy Joe Danger because you want to play them though."

The Hello Games head remains optimistic, reporting that the team has set up a new temporary location, with plans to either rebuild the old office or move into a new one in the next few months.

A new network has also been built from scratch, as well as a dozen new PCs and half a dozen new Macs and Linux machines, which was instrumental in the recent release of Joe Danger infinity.

"It feels like that moment in a film, where the heroes are down but not defeated," Murray said. "They are scattered across the world and they have to rebuild.

"Our next few weeks/months are going to be a training montage and running across mountains. Quick cut! Dave’s punch dancing. Quick Cut! Hazel’s firing an arrow at a target… getting closer. Quick Cut! Alex has nunchucks in silhouette on a mountain peak. You get the idea."

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