Zynga attempt to calm relations as Facebook consider eviction for all its titles

No more FarmVille for Facebook?

After a rumored fallout between Zynga and Facebook in regards to the latter’s taking of 30 per cent commission on all in-site financial transactions, The Times has reported that every Zynga title may be facing eviction from the social networking site.

The 30 per cent commission has upset many Facebook games studios, but after Zynga apparently threatened to leave Facebook altogether, Facebook seem to have called their bluff.

All Zynga titles – including Mafia Wars, FishVille and Café World – are now thought to be under threat of expulsion.

Zynga generates estimated annual revenues of £100m from its social titles. Farmville has a separate, standalone website from its Facebook platform, and it has been suggested that Zynga is considering launching their own social networking site built around the game.

After such bold allusions, however, The Times reports rumblings of a massive Zynga backtrack. No quick fix seemed likely after a Facebook insider told The Times that Zynga is “a bad actor, which is putting profits before its users.”

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