Develop out in force at the key event and offers industry-leading coverage as it happens

Not going to GDC? Develop has you covered

Next week GDC will likely dominate your emails, your RSS feeds, your thoughts, conversations, prayers and dreams.

But if the leading trade event isn’t scribbled across your diary for next week – if you’re not heading off to San Francisco – then Develop will be here to offer industry-leading coverage of the standout event.

Think of it as a bonus. Develop is dispatching its team to cover all the key lectures, keynotes and discussions at GDC, and you will be able to find out about them on Develop Online without suffering the jetlag.

We’ll be first with the big announcements that really matter to the game development industry, and you’ll be able to read them here without having to deal with rubbish travel food.

Develop will be speaking to the biggest players in the industry, asking the questions that matter, and you will be able to hear what they have to say without having to pay a penny in attendance fees and flights.

Here’s a link to Develop Online’s GDC news category – bookmark it for the week if you want. It will list all GDC news and updates as the news breaks.

You can also follow Develop Online on Twitter, where you can get up-to-the-second updates on what’s going on whether you’re at your desk or on your mobile.

Talking of Twitter, Develop staff will be offering their own insights, opinions and foul-mouthed objections of the show via their own personal Twitter feeds. You can get them here:

Michael French’s feed
Will Freeman’s feed
Rob Crossley’s feed

You can also get Develop email alerts by taking five seconds out to register with us. Our 10,000-plus registered users get access to news bulletins, which go out every day at 4PM GMT, as well as email alerts when the biggest, most crucial news stories break.

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