Free iOS version of hit football app downloaded more than one million times, 30x more than on Android

Not making New Star Soccer Android F2P ‘a big mistake’

Not making New Star Soccer free-to-play on Android was a big mistake given its breakout success on iOS, developer Simon Read has told Develop.

Speaking in a newly published interview, Read revealed that the iOS version of NSS5 had been downloaded more than one million times, whilst the paid-for Android edition – which costs £1.99 – had been bought just 40,000 times.

Whilst the iOS version is free to download, he said going free-to-play resulted in 430,000 users purchasing the career mode for 69p.

Close to 150,000 also bought other in-app purchases in the game price between 69p and as much as £9.99, meaning more than half of the games users had paid to play the title.

He said that having experimented with the different pay models, and although recognises some of the obvious difference between the userbase on iOS and Android, he would implement free-to-play in all of his future titles.

“In retrospect it was a big mistake,” said Read.

“It’s doing well on Android, it’s been top five in the paid charts, but it’s still nothing compared to top ten on iOS. Whether that’s purely down to things like piracy and free-to-play or it’s more to do with the amount of people that are actually using iPhones compared to Android phones I’m not sure.

“But the fact is I think going free-to-play is definitely the future for my next project and future games.”

You can read the full interview with Simon Read on developing New Star Soccer, as well as a full rundown of sales, here.

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