No stopping tools firm as it seals tie-up with Japanese studio Acquire

Now Emergent expands to Japan

As hinted by CEO Geoffery Selzer in our interview last week, Emergent has completed its plans to have a global organisation by forming a Japanese subsidiary.

Managed by Japanese video game developer Acquire, known for creating the Tenchu stealth fighting series, Emergent Japan will market, sell and support the Gamebryo engine throughout Japan.

“Emergent Japan is singularly focused on being a creative catalyst for Japanese game developers,” said Selzer.

“We teamed up with Acquire to ensure that we can provide not only our highly optimized middleware solutions, but also personalized, language-appropriate support. We look forward to helping our Japanese customers extract the most power and performance out of next generation hardware and break new ground in their creative endeavors.”

“Emergent Japan KK will be the developer’s advocate for everything from casual online games to break-through titles for next generation consoles,” added Richie Casper, creative director of Team Gaijin at Acquire.

“Acquire has first-hand experience as a developer in the Japanese market. We chose to work with Emergent because we believe in the quality, flexibility and scalability of the company’s technology – in fact, we use it every day.”

Emergent has been very busy of late – it has rolled Gamebryo out for Wii, unveiled a new online delivery platform and secured a big investment boost to help the company restructure and grow.

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