Minecraft firm signs up Cobalt from Oxeye; Small indie's team has been working from Mojang studio, shares staff

Now Mojang becomes ‘publisher’ to third parties

The ascent of Minecraft studio Mojang knows no bounds – a multi-million dollar franchise, a fanbase to envy, an event and growing merchandise business…

And now it’s a third-party publisher too, helping bring another indie studio’s game to market.

Mojang has signed up Cobalt from Oxeye Game Studios. It’s the first game produced independent of Mojang for the firm to release.

Oxeye was founded by Daniel ’thewreck’ Brynolf, Pontus ’Kinten’ Hammarberg and Mojang’s very own Jens ’jeb’ Bergensten. The team have been working out of Mojang’s HQ in Stockholm, Sweden. They even share staff – the music in Cobalt is made by Mattias ’Anosou’ Häggström, who is also making the music for Scrolls, Mojang’s second game.

"Early on, even as we were founding Mojang, we talked about the idea of collaborating with other indie game studios to release more great games," said a statement from the firm.

"We wanted to find studios who have our philosophy of developing games, which is staying close to the community and treating it as a service."

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