EEDAR believes that almost 3,500 titles hit the PC marketplace last year

Number of Steam releases doubled in 2015

A new survey has fortified the perception of a growing saturation of games on Steam.

Geoffrey Zatkin, the founder of research firm EEDAR, spoke at GDC with a slew of information regarding Valve’s highly popular PC distribution platform.

According to the company’s data, nearly 3,500 retail and digital titles came to Steam in 2015 – more than twice the 1,500 launched in 2014.

This was itself nearly triple the roughly 500 titles released in 2013, marking the biggest year-on-year jump for Valve’s platform to date.

Back in 2015, the stat means that almost 10 new games hit Steam every day, highlighting the growing difficulty of stealing the limelight on the service.

Meanwhile, the number of games for PS4 and Xbox grew from under 500 in 2014 to just shy of 1,000 last year.

PS3 and Xbox 360 releases, as well as those on handheld, understandably decreased as the new consoles continued to grow in stature.

Take a look at the figures in full below.

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