New programme includes App Store-like web portal, with QA provided by the tech company

Nvidia launches effort to attract devs to GeForce Now streaming platform

Nvidia is expanding its streaming service with a slew of new features it hopes will bring more developers to the platform.

GeForce Now launched under the moniker of Grid two years ago, allowing players to stream titles through the internet, as with PlayStation Now and the late Onlive.

Nvidia’s Phil Eisler told Gamasutra that around 80 games have since been released on the service, a number the company hopes to boost by doing away with case-by-case contracts and introducing a flat standardised route to launching for devs.

Among the other new additions the programme brings is a web portal that Eisler compared to Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

He also said that Nvidia would assist studios with testing their games, providing QA and a commercial agreement.

GeForce Now will split games across two categories: those that can be streamed and those that are purchased in full. Streamed titles will generate revenue on a variable basis influenced by usage, while the traditional store will offer a standard 70/30 pricing rate.

Devs can opt to launch their game through via format – but store-brought titles can also be streamed, by default.

Nvidia will additionally provide devs accepted onto the programme with a Shield streaming device, as well as access to backend tools.

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