South Park studio believes a modern setting will entice players that are “intimidated” by multiplayer-centric titles

Obsidian declares war on World of Tanks

Obsidian Entertainment believes its new online military combat title can hold its own against Wargaming’s world-dominating World of Tanks.

Announced today at GDC, Armored Warfare is an PC title that puts players in command of modern day tanks and pits them against other players, or against AI-controlled enemies in a co-operative campaign.

The title is powered b CryEngine and due to be published by new publisher, a gaming division of internet giant

Speaking to Develop at GDC, project director Richard Taylor believes the setting and co-op mode will be enough for Obsidian’s game to compete with World of Tanks.

“There are actually a number of things that make us different from other tank games,” he said. “First of all is the fact that we’re shooting for the modern era. That means we can use more modern, real-world tanks that people have actually seen used in the last couple of decades, vehicles you’re not going to find in other games.

“That also means we can use modern technologies, such as anti-tank guided missiles and other things that have been developed in the last several decades as how those change the battlefield and the gameplay.

“Another thing is the PvE mode. For players who aren’t interested in the player-vs-player competition elements, we actually want to have them enjoy taking on enemy vehicles by playing co-operatively. And we intend for that to be as much a valid way to progress through the game as just the multiplayer. It’s supposed to be fleshed out and entertaining. We’re also aiming at high-end graphics in terms of the art presentation quality.

“I think it has its market. The modern element, and the PvE is really going to garner interest from players who are really intimidated by the player-vs-player competition elements.”

Wargaming’s World of Tanks already has more than 75 million registered users, driven in part by the historical accuracy of its in-game vehicles.

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