Accuracy of Rift headset movement improved as launch of Touch controllers approaches

Oculus expands motion-tracking support to four sensors

Oculus has updated the number of motion-tracking sensors supported by the Rift virtual reality headset, ahead of the launch of its Touch motion controllers later this year.

The Oculus Touch hardware is expected to release towards the end of 2016, with at least 30 titles supporting input from the handheld trackers.

Oculus’ Home platform for the Rift and Touch now allows devs to track through up to four boxes, twice the number used in the standard room-scale VR setup for Valve’s Vive, which comes with two motion controllers and two boxes packed-in.

While the Rift doesn’t officially support room-scale use at the moment, this latest update paves the way for titles to plan for the feature – as well as improving the existing tracking for the Rift headset and reducing occlusion via loss of sight to the sensor.

Valve’s SteamVR supports the Rift, meaning the platform can make immediate use of the trackers.

Mind, though – the four sensors do all require separate USB connections, meaning some efficient cabling is likely required.

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