Virtual reality headset on track for March launch

Oculus Rift gets new features for spring release

The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset has had some improvements to make it more comfortable for glasses-wearers.

The crowdfunded VR headset has been undergoing a pilot run in the last few months to help smooth out its kinks. One of its main upgrades is removable eyecups for vision correction.

The Oculus Rift developer kit now comes with three pairs of removable eyecups, instead of a single, permanent set. The different eyecups allow users to switch the focal distance of the headset between three predefined settings, meaning that if you’re near-sighted, you may be able to use it without glasses or contacts.

These improvements stemmed from the fact that the majority of the Oculus team wear glasses or contacts. It admits its not “the perfect solution”, but hope that the eyecups help some of the near-sighted developers.

For people who have other vision-related issues, such as astigmatism, the additional lens cups may be insufficient.

Another improvement to the hardware is adjustable assembly. User can now extend the assembly to provide extra clearance for glasses or a larger brow. By retracting the assembly, you can bring the lenses closer to your eyes to increase your field of view.

Oculus extended its shipping date to make alterations to its display, and the maker confirmed on its Kickstarter page that it is on track for its March launch.

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