Orders cancelled for anyone planning to resell Oculus Rift DK2 on auction site

Oculus VR cutting off eBay sellers

The company behind Oculus Rift is actively preventing its customers from selling the latest dev kit on eBay.

The Oculus Rift DK2 is due to ship to those who pre-ordered this week, but eBay listings for the device have already gone live on the auction site, according to TechCrunch. One listing was asking for $5,000 – considerably more than the VR device’s pre-order price of $350.

Fortunately, following a series of complaints on the company’s official forums, Oculus VR has stepped in and cancelled the seller’s DK2 order. The company has also identified would-be sellers with multiple orders for the dev kit and cancelled these.

While this action was justly decisive, other early DK2 buyers have expressed concerns that people could fool Oculus VR into cancelling genuine orders for the virtual reality dev kit. However, the firm’s community service lead has alleviated these fears.

"Just so everyone is clear, the information provided alone was not enough to take action," the post reads. "We perform our own investigations with tools at our disposal to make sure that there isn’t a false positive.

"Our community is awesome! Thank you for helping us make sure that we are getting kits into the hands of devs and shutting down profiteers."

Oculus Rift DK2 racked up 45,000 pre-orders in its first month, although only 10,000 are expected to be shipped this month.

The device won the accolade for Technical Innovation at this year’s Develop Industry Excellence Awards.

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