Game Republic chief expresses dissatisfaction with company's titles

Okamoto: I haven’t been happy with our output

Yoshiki Okamoto, founder of indepdent Japanese developer Game Republic, has spoken of his personal dissatisfaction with his company’s output so far.

Game Republic was founded by Okamoto in 2004 after he left Capcom, where he’d worked on massive titles such as Street Fighter II and Resident Evil. So far the company has released titles such as Every Party for the Xbox 360, PS3 launch title Genji 2: Days of the Blade and downloadable PSN games Dark Mist and Toy Home.

Speaking with Gamasutra, Okamoto said: "As unfortunate as it is, I haven’t been happy with [our games so far] at all. I feel like in each case something’s prevented us from putting what I’d consider to be the final touches on the games."

The problem, he elaborates, is that Game Republic has largely developed launch titles for consoles, and that this has lead to rushed production periods in order to meet the tight deadline.

"Whenever you’re trying to get a game finished to coincide with a console launch, you’re bound to run into a few development snags, and you’ll always wish you had a little more time," he said.

"These companies we were indebted to needed someone to be part of that first bloody charge though, so I was like ‘okay, we’ll do it’. Our "strike force" hasn’t stood much of a chance, so far. Still, this is sort of the way things work for younger companies, so we accept it and do the best we can with what’s available to us."

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