Online storefront Oneplay plans to resuscitate Desura and Royale early in the near year as their own entities.

OnePlay buys Desura and Royale brands, plans to bring them back from the dead

Online gaming storefront OnePlay has acquired now-defunct store Desura and the bundle sellers Indie Royale and Daily Royale from failed parent company Bad Juju.

Desura very publicly went down in flames in the middle of 2015 when developers on the service started to complain that Desura wasn’t paying them on time. From there, Desura and its parent company started to disintegrate, and within a month, Desura had closed.

It’s unclear whether or not Bad Juju ever made good on the missed payments to developers before its implosion, but if not then the question for many devs will be whether or not OnePlay will honour these debts. For customers, the question will be whether or not user accounts — and indeed their purchase history — will be carried over when Desura and Royale relaunch next year.

Unfortunately the exact amount and terms on the table for the company’s involved wasn’t disclosed but OnePlay has stated that it aims to get Desura, Indie Royale and Daily Royale back in business by the first quarter of next year, if the company still has much trust in the brand new after the nastiness last year.

OnePlay operate their own online storefront currently, and plans to run Desura, and the Royale bundle-sellers as independent websites, rather than incorporating them directly into its own brand.

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