Cloud-based system to enter closed beta this summer

OnLive: ‘Nothing can rival our tech’

In an extensive interview with Develop, the first part of which is published online today, the OnLive CEO has disputed the suggestion that the technology will be relatively easy to replicate.

OnLive includes no proprietary peripherals, which has caused some to suspect that the server farm tech that is at the system’s core will tempt format-holders to create rival devices that ape the functions of the cloud-based service; a theory Mike McGarvey contested.

"The technology needed to deliver games over the internet requires much more than a ‘just a server farm’. If that were true, then someone would have launched a similar service years ago," said McGarvey. "OnLive was an immensely complex engineering effort, and beyond that, it took years of testing in hundreds of homes to make it work seamlessly."

The company CEO added: "Given the immense multi-disciplinary complexity of OnLive, the time that was required to address the practical execution issues, and the fact we have over 100 patents and patents pending, we think it is unlikely there will be another system like OnLive anytime soon."

OnLive was unveiled at GDC 09, and boasts the potential to completely subvert the ecosystem of the games industry by offering live streaming of remotely hosted games. The system will work through PC and MAC, or via OnLines minute MicroConsole through a standard television. OnLive hopes to begin closed beta later this summer.

To read part one of our interview, click here.

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