Cloud gaming firm releases tools for straightforward ports

OnLive reaches out to indie devs

OnLive is offering its SDK and a range of tools to help indie devs port their work to the cloud gaming platform.

The firm tells developers that the OnLive service gives developers a unique opportunity to release their games simultaneously across PC, Mac and home TVs – with all the game data being streamed using some highly sophisticated cloud computing technology.

“By leveraging an open PC architecture, game developers can now release their game on an exciting new platform with minimal effort,” said OnLive vice president John Spinale.

The platform now hosts a range of widely applauded and award winning indie titles such as World of Goo, Trine and The Maw.

The OnLive SDK can be obtained by emailing

World of Goo developer 2D Boy was unrelenting in its praise for the new technology.

“This press release isn’t long enough for me to list all the cool possibilities that OnLive opens up for both developers and players. We’re going to see things with OnLive that were simply not possible before,” he said.

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