Southpaw-created program available from early April

Open source asset management tool Tactic aWare gets Unity integration

Open source digital asset and workflow management system Tactic aWare has added integration with the Unity game engine.

Developers using the program can now use the Unity interface to interact with digital files from the Tactic database.

The Southpaw Technology-created tool offers a way for developers to version files, move them up and down the production line and help users understand the status of each file and the overall production.

Other features include the ability to track version history, names, dates, times and the users associated with the file.

Tactic aWare for Unity will be available on the Asset Store in early April for $399.

“Mismanagement of assets can cost teams thousands of dollars in wasted time,” said Southpaw CEO Gary Mundell.

“No where is that more true than in game development, where teams of all sizes are creating tons of assets every month. Our integration with Unity is designed to give teams all the benefits of a production-proven asset and workflow management system from day one by allowing those teams to work in Unity, a development environment that is familiar to them.”

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