GDC 2014: Engine used to bring Towerfall: Ascension to Sony's new-gen console

Open-source dev framework MonoGame gets PS4 support

Open-source development framework MonoGame has added support for PS4 game development.

The first PS4 title to take advantage of the engine is Matt Makes Games’ Towerfall: Ascension. Other upcoming games using the framework include Tribute Games’ Mercenary Kings and Supergiant Games’ Transistor.

MonoGame is based on the Microsoft XNA 4 Framework and was first tipped to come to PS4 in October last year.

Despite being free for iOS, Android, Mac, Linux and Windows 8, it was suggested the engine may cost money “due to the proprietary nature of console development”.

Develop has contacted the developers behind MonoGame for clarification on the matter.

Sony has also announced today that an early access version of Unity for PS4 will be available next month and that GameMaker will now be free for all PS4, PS3 and Vita developers.

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