New platform promises more open back-end services for mobile developers

OpenKit: The replacement for OpenFeint launches

A new open source data platform has been launched for mobile developers by the co-founder of OpenFeint in response to the closure of the service.

OpenKit is as an open backend-as-a-service (BAAS) platform for mobile developers, which claims to offer no lock-in of developer data.

The platform provides cloud data storage for game states, leaderboards, achievements, multiplayer features, notifications and in-app purchases for iOS and Android.

Peter Relan (pictured), who co-founded the now defunct OpenFeint network in 2008, launched the service in response to its closure. He believes there is a broader need in the industry for an open architecture that gives developers backend services to prosper in the post-PC era, without getting locked in.

Japanese mobile games company Gree shutdown the OpenFeint network in November.

“On December 13, we announced the OpenKit project to solve the recurring problem in 2012 of developer furore over APIs. Hundreds of developers signed up immediately to tell us what they wanted,” said Relan.

“Today we are unveiling the momentum of support behind OpenKit, with the goal of providing all important mobile backend services for mobile game developers. Even iOS developer who have access to Game Center services today, recognize the importance of cross platform development for Android, and have come to us in large numbers asking for OpenKit. There is a reason: OpenKit is a single API and service across iOS and Android.”

Get Set Games production manager Rob Segal added: “Being able to abstract out key components of any project and leverage them for multiple platforms eases many development effort pains. The team at OpenKit understands that and we’re looking forward to collaborating with them to realize that focus.”

The source code will be made available through Apache (for client code) and AGPL (for server code) licences.

OpenKit was originally announced in December 2012. Five hundred developers that have already shown their support for the new platform include OrangePixel, Flightless, Oyatsukai Games, Vertex Blaster, ForzeField Studios, Clock Games, Pre Play Sports, Mighty Mighty Good Games, Total Monkery and Massive Finger.

Version 1.0 has launched today. In addition, OpenKit has selected 50 private beta developers to help refine the platform, which is expected to be available to all developers in public beta this month. Full production will begin by March 2013. Developers planning to participate in the private beta and/or contribute to the open source project can register on its website.

More information about OpenKit can be found on its website.

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