Creators can utilise image from headset’s front-facing cam in either its distorted or corrected form

OpenVR SDK reaches 1.0.0, provides devs with access to HTC Vive’s camera

Valve has updated its OpenVR SDK to version 1.0.0, providing virtual reality developers with a number of new features.

The latest release of the software, which serves as the basis for Valve’s SteamVR devices – such as the HTC Vive – includes both minor tweaks and some notable additions.

Chief among these is the ability for devs to access poll streaming frames from the Vive’s front-facing camera. The image from the camera can be used in either its ‘pre-corrected distorted view’ or ‘corrected undistorted view’.

Changes to the IVR compositor include the new ability ability to render side-by-side stereo content and panoramas, as well as a new UI to retrieve the size of a texture used by an overlay – handy when defining the overlay texture based on filename.

Elsewhere, another new interface has been introduced to access the mirror textures per-eye. This appears in the Vive’s undistorted view with the chaperone system and overlays such as the Steam dashboard layered on top.

Preliminary support for screenshots has also been added, although the patch notes advise that the feature is not stable and “should be ignored for now”.

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