OPINION: Crime spree

It’s easy to put LA Noire’s success down to the name of its publisher.

Having the ability to say ‘from the makers of Grand Theft Auto’ is a strong marketing tool. It worked for Red Dead Redemption last year. Rockstar truly is living up to its name.

But to make over 10m in the UK in two days in a market that’s struggling is a incredible achievement by any stretch. Even for a company as highly regarded as Rockstar.

And what’s more this is the most successful new IP launch in UK games industry history. A week after Bethesda got to No.1 with Brink, a few months after THQ did the same thing with Homefront.

Only last year – in the wake of Vanquish and Enslaved – new IP was a dead concept. It just goes to show what quality marketing mixed with quality product can achieve.

There is no denying how tough the market is today. Even this week’s spike can’t hide that fact. But as L.A. Noire proves, this industry has plenty of life left in it – you just have to work hard to reap the rewards.

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