OptiTrack adds full-body motion tracking to OptiTrackVR

OptiTrack has announced further iteration for its virtual reality tracking technology at the SIGGRAPH 2017 conference in Los Angeles.

The new advancements are for the company’s wide-area VR tracking technology, which is primarily used for out of home VR systems. The focus is going to be for single and multi-site VR setups like arcades. OptiTrack believes that this current solution is the first completely automated all-in-one solution for VR tracking.

The first advancement is in full-body motion tracking. The update to the OptiTrack technology means that other players can be seen through the VR head mounted display, with a real-time stream of a players position and skeleton pose. This is achieved by special OptiTrack ‘pucks’ which will go on a players hands and feet.

The second advancement will be in the calibration of the VR technology. OptiTrack has been working on self-calibration for their technology, allowing users to easily and quickly use the VR technology. This will also allow for the staff responsible for these VR arcade setups to do less when it comes to maintenance and eliminates the use of physical calibration processes.

“Full-body motion tracking and self-calibrating OptiTrack systems have been at the very top of the list for all of our VR arcade customers”, said OptiTrack CSO, Brian Nilles. “The lack of a full-body tracking solution has been a glaring problem for consumers, who with today’s VR experiences often see no avatar at all, or at best, a crude animation of others’ activity in the play area. This market needed a high-quality human tracking solution”.

“The introduction of self-calibrating OptiTrack systems is vitally important to location-based VR because it dramatically reduces the time and steps to prepare the experience each day, and of course, can now be operated by arcade staff rather than experienced technicians.”

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