5,000-square-foot stage and 50 Prime 41 cameras used to record human performances for Xbox One’s flagship shooter

OptiTrack motion capture tech used in Halo 5: Guardians

Microsoft’s biggest shooter franchise utilised OptiTrack technology for its most recent outing.

343 Industries constructed a motion capture stage measuring 50 feet by 50 feet – bringing its total area to 2,500 square feet – in order to record live human performances for translation into the title.

The stage was also equipped with 50 Prime 41 cameras to produce digital character animation data for both in-game action and cutscenes.

OptiTrack’s Insight Virtual Camera System was also used for virtual camera work during Halo 5’s cutscenes.

343 Industries used the mocap stage for both low-key actions and stunt work, including actors jumping off of props and grappling with each other.

The stage was reportedly used every day during the most intense periods of production, being utilised for prototyping, character concepting, keyframe animation reference and final solves.

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