Treyarch ready to battle middleware when it comes to World at War

‘Our engine is better for designers than Unreal,’ says Call of Duty 5 dev

The developer of the next Call of Duty, Treyarch, has been fleshing out the work on its new game and collaboration with original developer Infinity Ward in the latest Q&A – and has also been discussing the use of the shared Activision technology and how it compares with current middleware top dog Unreal Engine 3.

New title Call of Duty: World at War will be built on the Infinity Ward-developed engine used to make recent blockbuster Call of Duty: Modern Combat – and according to Treyarch’s senior producer Noah Heller the technology is better than Epic’s offering when it comes to serving designers.

He told us: "I’ve worked on plenty of engines in my career, including Unreal. And I’d say the big difference with this engine is how close it allows designers to get their vision into the game. You’ll be startled to see how close the concept art is to what was replicated in the game. If an artist wants to make a bottle in the game, he designs it and hits a button and a minute and a half later it is in the game."

For more from Treyarch click here to read the full interview.

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