Uhrman says cloud gaming could enhance certain games for the microconsole

Ouya could embrace cloud tech

Cloud gaming could be a possible future for microconsole Ouya, according to the firm’s CEO Julie Uhrman.

Speaking to VentureBeat, Uhrman the console is capable of cloud gaming, and that company is open to the possibility of supporting it in future.

“There is absolutely a role for cloud gaming on Ouya,” Uhrman said.

“It would bring content to Ouya that our hardware may not support today, but that will play wonderfully – and were built to be played in the cloud.

“There are certain types of games where the idea of cloud gaming will work, but there are other types where it absolutely will not work. I think we think about it the right way and we’re excited to test it out with some partners.”

Uhrman did not name who exactly the partners that will be providing cloud technology are, but said “all the ones that you’re thinking”. Outside of Sony-owned Gaikai, those companies, such Kalydo provide cloud gaming servers of their own.

She added that the company is open to the notion of the Ouya storefront being available on other hardware.
“What’s most valuable about Ouya is the community and our relationship between gamers and developers. And the Ouya storefront is [also] of great value.

“So, yes, if there is a partner product on the market with the exact same specifications – so there’s no fragmentation for the developer – would I be open to putting the Ouya storefront on it? Absolutely. But what I don’t want to do is fragment my audience of developers and make things harder for them.”

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